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Connecting things up . . .

As you probably don’t know, I also write another blog that has to do with dancing and as it happens since I am in that business there are times when what comes up there should also come up here.  That’s definitely the case with Kristin Lewis’ article in the December, 2007 issue of Dance Spirit Magazine.  Her article on page 92 is called Money Matters and in it she lists 19 ways to survive on a shoestring budget.  From pack your lunch to skip the fancy coffee to get a job with perks her advice rings true and accurately describes the real world of making a living especially when you are just starting out.  Her advice is targeted for the dancer who needs a second job to support them while they are working on becoming a success but that doesn’t mean it wont help us all.  Never charge basic living expenses to your credit card is one tip that really hits home with me.  One month of putting my gas purchase on a card can cost me a year of budgeting to try and pay it off.  Buy a Brita.  “3 months of bottled water – $93, 3 month Brita filter – $8.99, reusable water bottle – $2” also hits home since I still have the Aquifina habit going on.  And I really like #16, They don’t call it happy hour for nothing – look around your city, check out how many hotels and restaurants offer happy hour buffets where you can get a great meal at sometimes just the cost of a beverage.  Added benefit, you can bring your friends.


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Two dollar bills

I collect them occasionally because I like to think they’re lucky.  So this article in the Utne Reader gave me a lot to chuckle about especially since I run a small business that might be able to use this same strategy.  It’s about how the lap dance community (I know, who knew there even was one?) has developed a strategy whereby they only give change in $2 bills.  Which means that their tip income suddenly doubles.  Meanwhile, T. added to my pleasure by telling me her discovery about one of the side benefits to getting a Borders gift card.  Since she no longer has to use cash, she also no longer finds herself dropping a handful of change or worse a dollar bill into the tip jar.  I bet they didn’t think about that when set it up.  As a matter of fact, the whole tip jar thing has become a botherment to me.  The person at the counter isn’t a waiter, doesn’t serve me anything beyond what the job entails and yet here I am giving them a reward as though they did something special.  This seems to me like the company that is employing them is ripping us both off.  The company pays the employee minimum wage and charges the customer full price for its services.  If there were tip jars at every cash register I could maybe understand it, but they are only at the food counter where the store can count on us having the tipping habit.  Actually when you think about it this really means that the food counter people are earning a bonus.

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Hello world!

Just a few words for now about this site.  I have been looking into the world of personal finance lately.  On the one hand, you have your saver’s and folks aiming for their retirement and the blogs that want to help them, and on the other you have bubbles bursting to the right and the left both here and abroad.   Somehow both sides appear to be in denial.   I think it may be time to take a look at just how funny this is.  You folks are welcome to come along for the ride.

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