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Here’s a Good Bread for You

As you know, I have been working out and developing a long term eating plan that I call Drink Up.  One really full meal a day, and liquid supplements, water, or any other favorite drinks (coffee, iced tea, vitamin water, hot chocolate, etc.) the rest of the day.  As I moved along with the plan, I’ve also been paying attention to the Volumentrics (calories divided by grams) values and so have added soup and stews and steamed or fresh veggies  to the mix.  And today, thanks to fellow blogger, ellaella at From Scratch we can now make and eat our own bread from the recipe she sent along with the following thought.

Duh, I should have thought of this yesterday. I knew the 1st anniversary of the Bittman no-knead bread craze was approaching — I plan to do something with it — and when I checked the date it dawned on me how perfect this bread is for someone making yeast bread by hand (although kneading isn’t difficult).  It’s pretty much foolproof and ferments a long time, so it’s not a 3-hour bread. Here’s the link to the article and recipe:


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Sticking to a plan

In the past I have always found that whatever eating strategy I might be following at the time, it stills falls to the wayside when the turkey hits the table and the pie scent, of pumpkin or apple, fills the room.  So this year I find myself rather eager to see how my Drink Up plan stands the test.  I like the idea that I have already started developing a habit of eating one meal a day, after all, that’s what I usually try to do on turkey day anyway.  Save up the space for the one big meal. 

Meanwhile, on the saving’s plan, we are rapidly approaching the first plateau of $2,000.  So I have now started to look at the options starting with the links below:

I’ll let you know what I discover.

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Planning and diets as Partners, pt.2

It has been a week of ups and downs.  Last Friday, as we were totally up our week’s expenses, T. told me she felt sick.  We spent the day nursing her at home but by midnight things were going south.  Next thing we knew, we were in the emergency ward at Scripps and she was taking a CT scan.  Lucky for us that our company has a health care plan.  Monday, her regular MD referred her to specialist and he put her on an immediate diet to prep for a colonoscopyon Wednesday.  Talk about your emergency funD.

Anyway, our plans in other regards have been moving along just fine.  We now have $1250 in our shared savings account and between us we have lost 33 lbs, 13 for her and 20 for me.  More importantly though, we both have expressed the feeling that the planning is turning into a habit.  Awareness of frivolous spending and cognizance of eating more than we need are becoming, in just the short month since we began, a comfortable habit.

And I am really liking the savings and the feeling of thin that comes when I rub her stomach.

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Drink Up! the diet plan

The other day I spent a while talking about T. and I and our mutual learning curve.  During that post I mentioned my new diet and said I tell you more later.  Well now is later.

Many years ago right after I finished college and started to work, I began to experience a weight gain that before I knew it was completely out of control.  One day while walking down the sidewalk, I glanced at my profile in a store window and realized I was able to see my stomach pushing out in front of me.  That day I went down to the grocery store and bought a case of Metrecal, a liquid diet drink that was popular at the time.  My weight had reached 195 lbs and that was it.  I drank Metrecal four times a day for the next month and every time I walked by that window I checked my reflection until the stomach was gone.  My weight moved back to 170 lbs.

I could do that then because I was young and really angry at myself for getting into such a condition.  So it didn’t surprise me a couple of weeks ago, when I found that now, some 30 years later I had reached the stomach proceeding stage again, to find my mind remembering that first diet. 

Two weeks ago I implemented a new version of that old plan.  Once a day I eat a full meal.  And by that I mean, if it’s breakfast, bacon & eggs, toast, coffee, OJ, even pancakes on the side.  The rest of the day I drink 5 cans of 180 calorie Slim-Fast Optima drink and any liquids – iced tea, water, coffee, milk, Pepsi that I want.   If the meal happens to be lunch then a home-made cheeseburger, large salad, two side veggies, and bread.   And just like before, the rest of the day is liquid.  As much as I want as often as I want. 

Several things I have noticed already.  One, I can pick the meal so that it coincides with eating with T. or if I have already eaten my meal for the day, I can still eat with her by just having soup.  Thank you Volumetrics.  It has been two weeks, and I have lost 14 lbs so far and I feel good and light.  By the way, the diet described above is mine.  I set it up for me because I know I can do it.  If by any chance you decide to try it, please check with your doctor first and pay attention to any side effects that mean it is not working.

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Planning and diets as Partners

Both T. and I are growing more and more financially aware in what I consider a very intelligent fashion.  We usually take a morning walk together to start the day.   We talk about finance and our real estate business, and we discuss our ongoing investment strategies.  Lately, these discussions have morphed into discussions about what we eat and how we exercise and what are the things we’d like to do that we aren’t already doing.

She loves to learn, likes to talk.  I loves to learn and can be made to talk.  She likes discovering strategies.  I like what discovered strategies can tell us.  What’s fun about this is the way we are sharing things.

She started Jenny Craig in January and has lost 20 lbs and learned a heck of a lot of information about food and eating strategies (right up her alley) as she’s worked the program.  Meanwhile, I have designed a new diet which for now I am calling the Drink Up diet.  I started it 10 days ago and have lost 10 lbs.

Here’s the deal, though.  While she’s been on the Craig diet, and we have been working our investment strategy, buying more rental property and adding to our savings and stock portfolios, I have been blogging at places like the Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly and the Millionaire Mommy and learning to think about frugality and personal finance.

The more we walk and talk the more we find ourselves discovering new ways to be careful of our money and our bodies at the same time.  It is as though getting in shape one way is getting us in shape in many other ways.

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Eating at home . . .

is becoming more and more attractive.  I just finished a great meal.  Home cooked pot roast with tomatoes, carrots, small red potatoes and a whole yellow onion, med. size, all of it salt and peppered to taste.  Took me about 15 minutes to assemble and then 5 great hours while the crock pot scented the house and I worked on the computer. 

I have been thinking about how I use time lately, and its costs and rewards.   The cost of this dish which provided six full meals over a four day period was $4.67 for the roast, $1.00 for the potatoes, $.79 for a can of whole tomatoes, $.50 worth of carrots, six cups of water, $.50 for the onion, and add the time it took to prepare, 15 min. at $20 an hour, that comes to $12.46 total or $2.07 a meal.  If I bought a comparable meal from the grocery store, three Healthy Choice Steam meals, $3.oo ea. the cost would be $9.00, plus tax, Three sandwiches, $11.25 plus tax and soup with each meal, $2.00 a cup, $12.00, that’s $32.25 plus tax.  Homecooking = A savings of $19.79.   Plus, by simply adding two slices of sourdough bread, mayo light, & Gulden’s yellow mustard, three of the meals became roast beef sandwichs and hot veggie soup.  All of the meals were large enough to actually feed two people if you added a salad. 

The best part for me was that the soup and the roast tasted better and better as they recooked.  I use a pot for that and simmer them the old fashion way on a stove top.  That way I get to stir and taste while it reheats and I read the new mystery novel by Dick Lochte called Croaked.

Now all I’d like to do is find out if it is possible to calculate the calories in these meals?

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