Privacy, right . . .

In an amazing statement, a person bilked out of $1200 in a Face Book scam claims “It’s an invasion of your whole privacy, who your friends are,”.  Well, what the hell was I thinking?  I was/am under the impression that facebook is a private company that elicts millions of people to publicize their private lives. 

What I don’t understand is how something that is public can be private too?  According to Wikipedia’s definition on internet privacy policies there are European and US standards but each site also has its own set of guidelines and firewalls to protect the user.  Still, once I agree to open up something like face book or twitter and begin rattling off information about myself and my friends haven’t I tacitly agreed that information about my life is now open to the public?

 Yes, there’s that and then there’s this:



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  2. David T. MacLeod said


    If you post on the web then you are definitely risking your privacy. . If you are not willing to discuss family and friends on a bus, why would you do the same on facebook or twitter? Although this may sound callous, people obviously do not understand the definitions of “public” or “private” spaces. It baffles me that people are willing to supply the information and are shocked when it is used.
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