These feet were made for walking

Sometimes I just have to ask myself where did I get this frugal part of my nature.  It makes me laugh to think how odd it might seem to people that I really wear things out, literally.  It has to have an unfixable hole or an unremoveable stain before it goes in the bin.  And shoes, well, forget about it.  For one thing, I go barefoot a lot.  But my current pair of sandals are approximately 10 years old.  They’ve been resoled, insert supported, and resoled again. 

And that brings me to my current tennies, which are on their third life thanks to my local cobbler.  I have always wondered about the built in obsolescence factor in clothes.  You like a particular style, better buy two, because next year and for sure the year after that the style will have been newly improved and you’ll be left trying to make the oldie but goodie last. 

 So that brings me back to the built-in frugality.  I can remember countless times watching as my mom or grandmom patched a shirt or resewed a seam. “There’s nothing wrong with this shirt that a little love can’t repair.”  So that’s what I give those shoes when I take’em to the cobbler.

 “Can you patch the inside of the rim of the heel cup?” 


“Can you resole just the heels?”


Since 2003, I have had the same pair of work shoes.  They were a good solid, comfortable fit when I bought them.  And now, they are even more so.



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