Popcorn, $6.50 for a small

She had a smile in her voice as she told me, “Boy, I just saved $6.50.”

“What?” I asked.

“I told you I wanted popcorn when I went out to the lobby but when the guy told me, $6.50 for a small, I just laughed in his face.”

I can imagine this little scenario being reenacted all across America especially when someone asks for a family-sized tub at just $20.  Bio-fuel is messing with our movies.  But here’s the thing.  I don’t know much about genetics but it seems to me that if we can clone sheep and design our future children we should be able to come up with a super-sized corn that is designed specifically for fuel so that the regular white and yellow stuff could stay just for human, and sometimes cattle, consumption.  Maybe fix it so it could be grown in super fields that double or triple the yield per acre and will even grow in soil not suitable for anything else.  Heck, with just a little research I found this.  And this.

I had to laugh at the cartoon strip I saw yesterday, Lalo Alcaraz’s La Cucaracha.  A street vendor says,”My prices now reflect the fuel companies demand for Ethanol.”  The customer then points out, “This is just meat.”  To which the vendor replies, “Tortillas are ten bucks.” 

Si si.  It’s a case of follow the money.  Why are the prices going up on biofuel-possible products?  Because there is money to be made.  Look at the futures market and the commodity exchange reports.  But when you look at commodity futures keep in mind who and what controls those markets.  If the hedge fund investors leverage futures options what happens to the prices, they go up.  If the prices go up on futures, then the actual trade prices go up too because the futures prices are used as an index to reference what the producer should be selling the product for.  The deal is sweetened by the fact that a hedge fund by its nature always covers it own ass.  It buys short and long and collects the difference.  When we are talking world wide markets and billions of dollars, then it is not so hard to see why the cost of popcorn at the movies is moving up.


See it yes.  Pay it, well as T so aptly put it, “I just laughed in his face.”



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