The post real estate seminar blues

I know I shouldn’t have them, I know I shouldn’t cry but every single time I go there I find myself asking why?  How come you fool, you silly fool, you never seem to recall that these are just sales fests and that’s all.  They try to lure you in with promises of riches galore or better yet with subtle hints that new knowledge waits just inside their hotel conference room door.  Of course, you realize once you sit that the rapid fire rattle of real estate terms is keyworded to your need.  But then that’s the thing that really hurts because you knew inside that it’s all being used to cover up their carpetbagging greed.  Dang, it’s painful to admit I went again this week and now I here sit with head in hand.  Another case of those post real estate/DonaldTrump/RobertKiyosaki seminar blues.

Well, at least, I didn’t buy no tapes or sign up for the ridiculously low introductory three day workshop offer. 

Meanwhile, take a look at this offer.  Notice the danger signals.  There’s a FREE booklet.  You can make LOTS of MONEY in just 90 days.  He is a RENEGADE who has turned against the evil bankers.  Wow!  Just like Jesse James and you can be in his gang.  Not

What is crazy about all this is that we seem to be in the midst of a perfect storm of these events and pitches.  I know, I promised myself I would use that term but WTH it does describe the situation in two ways.  We are being inundated with these offers and we do seem to want to flock towards the situation as though the word perfect is somehow magic.

 I am sure you have noticed how often that term is used these days to describe an event as though it were inevitable and somehow admirable.  The perfect storm of controversy surrounding Obama and Wright.  The perfect storm of the real estate bubble bursting that we now can surf for wealth.  The perfect storm of the Iraq surge.  All forseeable and undeniable so what are we to do.

Yeah, it’s a perfect storm of bullshit.  That’s what it is.  Another case of mediamanipulation parading as news.  A sound bite.

Ah well, at least we know one thing, the heat of outrage sure is sweet when it works this way to cure those damn post real estate/DonaldTrump/RobertKiyosaki seminar blues.


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