Weekly Tags and some ideas, too

Some ideas:

How can we finance our schools?  Today, in California, up and down the state, school districts are voicing a similar plea.  Can you donate $400 to our school for each of your student bodies?  Apparently, this is the agreed upon amount no matter where the school is located and even though there is a demonstable difference in the salary scales from district to district across the state.  Now some school critics, especially those opposed to teacher tenure laws, will see this as an opportunity to finally get rid of the chaff.  But teacher layoffs will be based on seniority not ability so that hope is just wishful thinking.  Some critics who say the time of public education for all has seen its day will say, finally, close the damn schools and lets figure out a new and more complete way to go about educating ourselves.  Still, the question won’t go away even though the presidential debates will avoid addressing it.  How can we finance our schools?

Real Estate seminars the do’s and the don’ts – Take my advice and leave your credit cards and check books home.  Sit up front so you can really look in the speaker’s face and hear the questions from the crowd.  Make sure you ask about what you don’t understand.  Beware the one on one meetings at the back of the room.  That’s where the sales staff lies.

 Weekly Tags:


  • I had just completed this post and then turned to my email box where I came across this post from JD at Get Rich Slowly.  I couldn’t help but note that he is doing here what is really a good habit for all bloggers who care about their audience to do.  That is, reviewing a subject he has already addressed.  And yes, I always try to post first before doing anything else on the computer.


  • At Jon Taplin’s blog (see blogroll link) last week we were discussing Obama and his level of cool in the face of the spurious questions on Tuesday’s debate.  As I have said before, and probably will again, surfing the net by tracking a commenter can take you to some very useful and I think amazing places.  This is one.   


  • Finally, this connect which I got from my alternet email but was originally posted on the Huffington Post is just downright hilarious and demonstrates again why a sense of the humorous is one of the best ways to get you to think.



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