Don’t forget to save, bloggers

In my continuing pursuit of blogging expertise, I recently checked out The Everything Blogging book from my local library.  I am always hoping that I’ll find something new to add to what I’ve learned since I became a blogger.  Keywords, search strategies, trackbacks, pings, and plug-ins are phrases that now trip across my tongue as easily as babies batting balloons. But something from the past is what brought this book’s scope into focus today.  Each of the 23 chapters has something unique and valuable to say.  A fact I’ll cover later this week in my review.  For now I just want to point out one thing.

In Chapter 20, on Maintaining Your Blog, the author reminds us that backing up your blog is a necessarily sensible thing to do.  You forgot didn’t you?  Just like I have.  But last week’s dust up over changes in the format here at wordpress should have reminded us:

Web servers everywhere can be vulnerable to a  whole host of problems, including, but not limited to, crashes, where all or parts of the data on the server is lost or damaged; hacking, when someone infiltrates the server and wreaks havoc; failure, when a server simply dies and the data cannot be retrieved; or human error, when one false programming  move wipes everything out.

She goes on to explain several methods one can use, starting with Blogger’s back up the whole blog into a separate site method, and Typepad’s ability to let you back up your whole blog as a file.  Some people go so far as to back up each post on paper which can be time consuming if you have to reenter the whole thing.  Some folks short cut the process by writing posts in a word processing format and then pasting them into the blog.  (I’ve used this method but sometimes the blog might not like or accept the formatting of the WP)  Backing up to your computer is also mentioned but if it can happen to your host it can also happen to your computer, so saving to disk is the final, safest, and most efficient method. 

  1. Name a folder by your blog name and save it to a disk.
  2. Copy each post, or each page of your blog (highlight and hit control c) then save it to wordpad or a WP under a distinctive name.
  3. Paste your copy into the folder on the disk.
  4. Set yourself up a reminder to do this once a week, a day, a month, or after every post, whatever you feel an amount you would mind losing is, and so that backing up becomes a habit.

It may be time consuming but once you get the habit, it will get easier.  It definitely is worth it since losing everything you have written can make you want to give blogging forever, almost.



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