Figures That Matter

The National Debt is $9 Trillion.  Treasury Funds and Commodities are up.  Tech, Financials, Asian stocks, and junk bonds are down.  Next month the price of first Class stamps goes up, again.  Another airline went bankrupt while American grounded its fleet. The government promises in a its letter that the check will be in the mail.  Congress is on the verge, Iraq has its surge, and Yahoo and AOL may merge.  California’s Schwarzenegger asks for $7 Billion for prison healthcare.  According the official US labor stats over the last 10 years, the number of unemployed/laid off workers is up, number of unemployed no longer looking is up, and according to Floyd Norris in the NY times, the real unemployment rate is closer to 13% than 6%.

In the latest report, for March, the Labor Department reported the jobless rate — also called the “not employed rate” by some — at 13.1 percent for men in the prime age group. Only once during a post-World War II recession did the rate ever get that high. It hit 13.3 percent in June 1982, the 12th month of the brutal 1981-82 recession, and continued to rise from there.

And by the way, Tuesday, your taxes are due.


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