Well, if you have been paying attention here at wordpress then you will have noticed that the format changes aroused a protest storm that rivals the Olypic Torch situation in San Francisco.  The forum at least was aroused and already I notice that my spellcheck is back on the edit dashboard.  Plus, and I say it with some trepidation, the changes aren’t all bad. Whoops, I spoke way too soon. 

 When I saved the above graph by clicking on the newly placed “Save” button, I was immediately sent to a preview page.  Yep, that’s what is happening now.  It is acting like it’s publishing my post and besides that it isn’t coming up in a new window so I have to use the back button instead of the close.  I wonder why a programmer would want to do that?  At least it isn’t automatically publishing so that is okay but still it feels like this is an easy way to lose a post. The thing is, bloggers, you might as well get used to this.  It is the norm.  And it appears from the comments in the forum, the programmers at wordpress are proud of it.  I highly recommend that this is the time to open up your mind to doing some outside research on how blogs work.  

Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing The Everything Blogging Book by Aliza Sherman Risdahl.


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