Blogging, bloggers, and the blogosphere they came with

I have been putting off this writing about blogs for a while but with last week’s unforseen changes in the wordpress format I think it is time.  It is a curious, curious world the blogosphere.  Filled with strange computer images, and stranger computer imagers.  The most constant thing about it is the element of change.  A world filled with competition driven angst and click driven mania to be first to be rich because you’re first.  Programs, programmers, and web designers.  Constant updates, requested and not requested, but like this one I’m talking about, foisted on the user in a sporadic barrage. 

Four days ago I opened up my blog, I say that with some disbelief, to find that a new layout was now in place on my wordpress dashboard.  Buttons had been moved.  The options for tags and categories were subtly different enough so that I had to spend time learning how they now worked.  Even the terminology for management had morphed, maybe into something more valuable and useful but I’ll never know since the change was so abrupt as to be disrupt.  For instance, one little item was now missing from my editing buttons.  There is no spell check.

And then, there was the case of the missing post.  I was writing a new post, crafting it as I went by making sure I saved often as I wrote.  My habit is to write the whole post, making note of where I might want to place links and then when I have finished the first write, I go back and insert.   I save after each inserted link.  Finally, I use the preview this post button to see the almost finished product.  This time, as I wrote, I realized I was taking even more care probably because I was trying to think out the best way to word my thoughts.  Anyway, with the process almost done, I clicked on the preview button.  Up popped the separate window, which I enlarged and there was my post.  I noted one small grammatical change but the rest looked great.  So I closed the window and guess what?  Instead of returning me to my almost perfect post, I found myself looking at the first paragraph I had written.  Frantic searching with the back button revealed that everything except this one small piece was inexplicably gone.  Thanks wordpress programmers.  Two for two.  No spellchecker and the preview process can’t be trusted.

What to do?  I clicked on the support button.  Support is closed. 


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