No habits

Okay, here’s the truth.  I seem to find it easy to get up early and get on the computer to write.  It has become a habit of sorts.  Somewhere around 5 in the morning my inner alarm clock starts chiming.  My eyes blink open and I lean my pillowed head forward.  Yes, the red illuminated face of my clock tells me it’s that time again.

Down the hallway to the kitchen I go trying to move quietly so as to not wake T.  Fill the pot with enough water for a 48 oz cup, filter in the one cup strainer, rinse the cup, place the strainer on the cup, wait with book or newspaper while the water begins to steam, pour the water through, sweeten with unrefined sugar (one and a partial soup spoons), add milk (whole) and start the day by walking back to my office and cueing the computer.

Now that’s a habit.  I even get grumpy if I sleep in and somehow forget to do the coffee part.  I remember how for a brief period back in the 80’s the medical advice was all about cutting out the caffeine but somehow the coffee lobby managed to scuttle that ship before it sailed very far.  Now we have Starbucks on every corner unless the economy makes them cutback in which case the awful coffee they make might disappear just like all the other fads like hoola hoops and yoyos.  I like my coffee way better anyway.

So now I’m at the computer and I almost make it to my blog and the write a post button but not quite.  This is another habit I have of looking around at what happening in the blogosphere before I write my own post for the day.  Mostly I can make my self override this habit by just clicking my way to my blog without stopping.  Log in, select blog, select write a post, and then voila’ I’m ready to ramble.


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