A trip to LA

Today we are heading up to LA for a day finance fun at the TD Ameritrade seminar on trading.  T loves to attend workshops and I don’t mind them if I can bring a book or laptop and do something useful while she learns and I listen.  Actually, the workshop is in Anaheim so technically that’s not LA but if you live out here it gets to be a habit to think of anything above Santa Ana as part of the greater LA nation.

The nice thing about it is that the Marriot has a great pool and the weather is 75 degrees and blue skies.  This is not to say that things aren’t serious what with the economic climate being not so sunny.  But for a day or two we are going to enjoy ourselves and think about solutions instead of problems.

Meanwhile, if you really want to get in on some great discussions about finance then tune in to this link: http://jtaplin.wordpress.com/ and get your brain thinking.


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