$30 Billion and counting . . .

No one can forgive the past. As Obama might say, we just don’t have enough time to keep on repeating it. I don’t think Obama is perfect, and I certainly dislike it when I hear the waffle in any of the candidates that makes it seem like they are trying to think of the most politically acceptable response. I don’t like answers that use the other candidates for context.But that ain’t what I want to discuss. I had to leave during my earlier post just as I was getting to something I actually think is a realistic way to actually “stimulate” this economy. It sort of goes with what Jon at jontaplins blog was saying about Uncle Sucker and what Obama was sayingin yesterday’s interview. about the CEOs and their big dollar parachutes.

I think it would be much more stimulating to this economy if the bail out money went directly to the real people who are in trouble.$30,000,000,000.00 is a lot of money.How many people’s mortgages could that pay off? I say the hell with the lenders who should have known better, they are after all in the business of lending and borrowing money. Give the money to the borrower. Let him or her or them payoff/pay-down the mortgage. This would be a bottom up stimulus instead of the same old “trickle down” shit. This whole bailout thing smacks of a bait and switch, a shell game, a long con that benefits the rich and keeps the poor paying off the tax bill once again.

I am sick of it. I am definitely sick of a President who thinks it is alright to do things like this without asking for my vote on the matter. I am sick of the lack of transparency in government and business, it is the major cause of our paranoia and our fearfulness.

So I will vote for Obama for no other reason than that I believe that he will continue to be transparent in his answers and with his plans, and that will be the welcome change this country needs.

I will vote for Obama because of the three that are left he seems the most likely to create programs that will do something like what I outlined above and because he acts like someone who isn’t afraid to try and do things differently.


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