That Old Black Magic

So here I sit, sort of sluggish with the news that the Clippers have signed Smush Parker.  It’s been that sort of a year for us Clipper fans.  First, we have to watch as Livingston literally breaks his knee.  Then, during the summer, and just after we signed up for our season ticket package, Elton Brand tears his Achilles tendon.  A team that was thin but good became a team without hope.  Even winning the first four didn’t mean much.  It seemed that every game more players were injured or re-injured than possible.  Three point guards and each one limping especially Cassel who we ended up losing permanently just last week.  Kaman started swell, double doubles for months and then kaboom the flu, the sore shins, the aching back, and now he suits up for the game but doesn’t play.  And I don’t know what to say about Mobley.  Well, I do know one thing, when he isn’t hampered by a groin pull and a strained elbow on his shooting arm, then he is tough to guard and one of our best defenders.  But he hasn’t been healthy for a month and a half.  Finally there is Cory Maggette.  This season has been his most consistent.  Scoring 20, rebounding about 8, he has even stopped his man on defense from time to time.  If we had Shaun, and Elton, Sam would have stayed and we could have been in the race even as tight as it is.  Instead, we have come to this.  Smush Parker.  Makes me think that there really is a Clipper Curse.


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