Should I just go ahead and give up on newspapers?

Now on the surface this seems like something that is inevitable.  As the world turns to the Internet, my home page flashes the headlines, offers news article, DIY articles, gossip columns, and sports.  It offers, via links, a cross reference of reports from all the sources that are covering any event.  I can get the comics.  I can search for information and definition.  I can research back to previous news.  In some cases I can even comment on the story and thus become a part of the story,  shades of Farenheit 451 or Farenheit 451.

But there are several things about this arrangement that are worrisome.  First, in order for this system to work I always have to bring my computer to breakfast.  So even if it’s the new  Apple Macbook Air, that’s a pretty bulky appurtenance to add to my table setting.  I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself “Why doesn’t he just use his Blackberry?”  Probably, I answer, “Because I don’t own one.”  See there’s the news right there.  Some of us are still in a sort of faux-neo-luddite phase of our lives.  We use computers but long for more simple days when everything didn’t have to move with the speed of light.

Which brings me to the way I actually read a newspaper.  From front to back, unless I am looking for something specific.  I  take each section, usually starting with the Sports section, followed by the Front Page section, then the Entertainment section.  Unless it’s Sunday, I usually skip the rest since I am not overly interested in cramming my already dazed and confused brain pan with anymore trivia than it already contends with.  By front to back I mean I read each item on the first page of the section and then as I work my way south, I read each successive continuation of the article as I come to it.  I like doing this because it is a great way to keep my reading and memory skills sharp.  I, also, like to take my time with a newspaper.  Sometimes I take several days to complete the task or in this case, it’s more like to savor the reading.  I, also, like to clip articles and sort them into folders for later reference.  Of course, my computer lets me bookmark these days, and I like the service, so I don’t clip as much as I used to.

So what was the question?  Should I give up on the folded page, the sometimes illegible printed word, the feel of the thing that reminds me of the first time my Dad sat me down and read me something.  Well, when I put it that way, I guess not.


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