What do I think the war in Iraq is really about?

It’s about:    Old men letting boys and girls do the fighting while America is on its way to the mall.  Control of the oil that powers our days and lights our nights, that fuels our consumerism past satiety.  Proving once again that our way is the best way if “they” would just see the truth in our words not our behavior. 

It’s about:  The oligarchy putting more money in its pocket.  The munitions makers continuing their relentless march to making the world need more and more weapons.  Fear in the populace that doesn’t want its  life “style” disturbed by something unless its shown on TV.  The need in our President to one up his Dad, to outdo his bro, and to out smart his friend, Bin Laden.  The use of fear as a political bludgeon to control the voter, to manipulate the outcome, and to keep the Repugnants and Democants in perpetual power.

 It’s about:  The real inequity that the government of Iraq, under Hussein, visited on its people.  The wonderful belief that a democratic government is a fair and balanced entity.   The powerful belief in the saving grace of Christianity.  The real doubt that people felt when confronted with the reality of the Twin Towers. 

It’s about:  The denial that all of us seemed to be gripped by.  The willingness to blame someone else for our problems.  The selfishness that keeps us consuming while a large portion of humanity goes hungry.

And it’s about this election and what our choice for President will say about our future.



  1. incogman said

    How about it’s about Zionist grab for oil? Pipelines from Iraq are being run to Haifa, Israel as we speak. The rest of the world knows all about it. Or have you ever read about “Eretz Ysrael”?
    The blind desire not to appear “racist” is what these people hide behind. Always have. They created the myth of the Holocaust (some of it is true– much isn’t) and have foisted the myth of “diversity” on America to protect themselves. Wake up to it. The evidence is clear.

  2. rhbee said

    I find it really difficult to hear what you mean when you shout your opinion but after visiting your blog I can see why you believe as you do. I don’t but that is just the way it is supposed to go here in the US. You get your beliefs and I get mine. Meanwhile, I was just reading a review of a new book, Daydream Believers, at http://jtaplin.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/daydream-believers-a-book-review/, that may shed some more light on this whole question.

  3. incogman said

    These evil people are the ones behind 9/11. People jumped off buildings, for crying out loud, because of these people. When will you folks put two and two, together? When they cut off people having blogs that can discuss everything? Hell, my blog is already censored to a degree. Will it be them knocking on your door? The time is very short for you to come to the only conclusion left. If you are not OUTRAGED, you are not paying attention.

    This is deadly serious stuff. One day you’ll think back about my words to you. Of that, I know.

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