Does my bank make me happy?

Right off the top I’d have to say no.  I just got finished changing banks this last month so that should give you a clue.  Changed from B of A to my local credit union and changed my savings account to an ING.  The thing is I never did like all the rules that bankers throw out to explain that they have all the power.  You know like charging you a monthly fee to store your money for you while they collect the interest and use it for their own purposes.  And then the way they act like they couldn’t wait for the DEA and then the Home Land Security people to come in and give them the right to invade your private information.  It reminded me of the way schools work their disciplinary policies.  5% of the population are law breakers but the other 95% are punished anyway.  Checked at the gate like a criminal, the ordinary student is being prepared for the greater world outside.  The place where fear is KING.  So no, I can say I definitely that happiness and bank are not together in my vocabulary. 

On the other hand, I still find my bank useful.  After all, now that I’ve learned through my readings of the personal finance blogs about how banks work and where the best place to put my money to work for me is, I can say I am pleased about that.  And if you take a look at the link above, I guess you’d have to agree that I’m not the only one.



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