Emails versus Readers

I guess I’m old fashioned but my preference here is for the email.  I like receiving letters and really like responding to them.  But that being said, it appears to me that the preference amongst most bloggers seems to be for readers.  That way they can go to one site and scan their lists of blogs for items that they might want to read and respond to and they are done.  That, of course, is a guess on my part since I have never really met another blogger to ask what they prefer.  I guess I could do a poll but that just leads me to have to find out how to set up a poll on my site.  I probably should do that anyway.  Meanwhile, this whole question brings me back to the email vs. reader deal.  Some of the email subscriptions I have are just naturally made for email.,,, in fact, any of the news type blogs that carry a variety of authors, all to me are best suited on email.  However, some people use their reader like a self-designed daily news service and thus simply open it up like a newspaper they can scan for their favorite authors or to find new news. (ha ha)

Anyway, I only pose this because I am trying to figure out the way to get more subscribers for either.  Ah well.


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