Fascinating stuff . . .

One has to wonder about the way this world works when best selling books are designed not to educate and elucidate but to provide more fodder for the continuing battle between the liberals and the conservatives.  Why do we buy into this crap?  I only ask because I came across this quote from an interview with Jonah Goldberg the author of a new book entitled Liberal Fascism which ought to please TRM over at D=S no end.

SCARBOROUGH: But you’re not suggesting in this book, though, that you can draw a line from Mussolini to Hillary Clinton or Mussolini to Barack Obama, are you?

GOLDBERG: Well, I’m saying you can draw a line, but it’s not a straight one. It goes all sorts of different places. I’m not saying that today’s liberalism is the son of Nazism or the son of Italian fascism. I’m saying it’s sort of like the great-grandniece once removed.


GOLDBERG: They have some common DNA, some common themes, some family resemblances that come up.But we also have them in the Republican Party today. I think compassionate conservatism is essentially a right-wing progressivism, and it’s very scary which way that can go.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh my gosh.

Luckily, the only media that seem willing to take him seriously are those on the conservative side.  Gosh, I wonder why?


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