Telling Yourself What To Do

I have a hard time with bosses.  I don’t react very well to being told what to do.  You could say that I am a contrarian in this.  You know how people say if you tell someone not to do something then that is what they’ll end up doing.  Well, I am the other side of that coin toss.  Tell me to do something and 9 out of 10 times I am going to do it but differently than you asked for.

So where does this leave me in regard to New Year’s resolutions?  I think I am even worse about this when it’s me telling me what to do.  I say for instance that I am going to control my spending in the new year.  So what do I do, I spend as though there is no reason to control anything.  I use the gift cards as an excuse but really it’s just me seeing how far I can go before I get caught by my own empty bank account.  Or I say to myself this is the time of the year to diet, eat less and weigh less.  So what happens is suddenly I can’t stop snacking, a handful of almonds, a piece of toast with jam, a box of cheetos, a Pepsi or two, and suddenly I ain’t so thin anymore.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that in order for me to set up my New Year’s resolutions I actually have to not set them up.  I have to let them happen instead of make them happen.  For example, T. has been wanting to join the Y for about six months but since she knew about the new membership offer coming in January she put it off.  Then last week she joined up and pulled me along with her.  Now we are set to join a walking class, arrange a 12 week personal fitness program, and use the workout equipment whenever we can.  So I don’t have a New Year’s res that says Set up  a workout plan but I do have a workout plan now.

The same thing sort of happened with my diet.  T. is all into Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover, so this month, she started itemizing expenditures and naming her dollars and of course since we are in it together I have started doing it too.  The big change that has sort of sneaked up on us is that we now eat at home about 80 % of the time.  And since we shop together more often we sort of help each other stay in line.  When I reach for the Pepsi, she points out the Calistoga if I really need the carbonation.   When she searches the cracker isle, I can explain the way Volumetrics would help her with her choice.  But no, I haven’t written it down somewhere, Plan your diet so that you lose 35 lbs by May yet that may very well happen.

Okay I did do some things but that’s probably just because I told myself not to do them.  So we have a Goals wall set up in the dining room/office and the new calendar is already filling up with appointments and ideas and things to do through February.  But this all happenstance and in line with what we normally do around this time of year.  So what am I going to do about my New Year’s resolutions, this year I guess I’m  just doing’em.


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