Charlie Wilson’s Little War

Heck of a discussion over on the Alternet, revolving around conspiracy, licit and illicict, and around the facts of the story, the filming of the story, and the hopes and fears of the author of this post, Chalmers Johnson, who writes regularly at   One thing came to me after I had read the post and comments and had even commented myself, and that was that any thinking person who goes to this film will come away thinking.  Thinking about the way bad people can have good intentions go wrong.  Thinking about the connections between the church and the state.   Thinking about the purchasable attention span of our politicians.  Thinking that if this is the way it has been working then things have got to change.  Thinking like The Graduate did back then when his father’s friend said, “Plastic”.   Hanks, Roberts, Hoffman, and especially Nichols have had their say and it made me laugh at how sad it all is.

My hope is that the film’s growing popularity is because word of mouth is telling people that what they saw underneathe the story was the real deal – the Charlie Wilson at the end of the story, who knows what he has done, and is stunned by the enormity of the coming side effects of his “just getting guns so they could shoot down the helicopters.”


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