If it looks like Schroeder’s cat . . .

then that’s what I think I’ve got, maybe.  See I mentioned that the other Saturday, T. and I signed up at our local Y.  On the surface of it, after we got home, we both discovered that we had doubts about the  cost.  But now that I think about it, the cost is actually part of a descending chart for them and an ascending one for me.  At $3 a visit, that’s what it costs guests, every visit past 9, it now costs the Y $3 that they could have gotten if I went occasionally during a month.  By the time I reach 18 visits a month, I’ll have doubled my money.  But just like with Schroeder’s cat, I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point where a visit costs me nothing. 

Actually, though there may be some uncertainty about the outcome of this adventure, instead of proof of an sighting of S.C., I think I’ll call this one an Errant Stooze.  Errant because our intention was to Stooze by taking the “free” sign-in fee but it turned out it wasn’t free, we still owed $52 a month for both of our memberships.  So things went off until we discovered the hidden cost benefit of descending charges per visit, then we saw the Stooze that had been hidden by our uneducated intial opinion.  Errant but still a Stooze more than a cat in a box or not . . .


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