Am I ready to be frugal because it is patriotic?

After watching the two debates on ABC, it strikes me that both Democants and Repugnants seem sure that in order for our next President to succeed we the American people are going to have to make sacrifices.   The frugal kind.  Not so I as an individual will learn to spend less and earn more but we as a whole country.  It looks like we are going to be asked to:  Cut our use of private transportation for the good it will do the country and the world.  Build and buy locally first and globally second for the way it will repair our economy.  Spend more on the science of energy and expect more effective results to achieive a healthy environment.  Become savers instead of borrowers to help create a more valuable dollar.   And to help balance the budget by doing more voluntarily, communally, and with a constant thought for tomorrow. 

It may be that both sides are beginning to see that for the U.S. it really does need all of us  involved to enter into the real warThe one against ourselves, our selfish selves.  We really do have the ability to do this.  Our parents parents did it in the Second World War but there they were fighting together against a common enemy. 

Here today the Repugnants think the enemy needs to be confronted outside the country first and possibly last.  They seem terrifyied by the possibility that another 9/11 is just around the corner.  In fact, one commentator asked the candidates on the Democant side what they would do in the event of a nuclear strike against the US.  I imagine so that the viewers could see how the Democants would respond when the Repugs come after them in the general election with the same question. 

The Democants see the enemy as within the country in the guise of poor healthcare, deficient schools, tax loopholes for the rich and corporate, and an overweening and overfunded military complex.  Well maybe that lasts one is mine, but you see my point. 

They have two different enemies in mind.

In personal finance we have learned, are learning, and will continue to do so (as long as there is still an internet) that managing money frugally means living with enough and enjoying the process.  The question is, is the American consumer/voter able to be convinced that living on less is really the only way to win the real war?  And will the Demos and Repugs be able to come together after this election and make it happen?

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