Truth in spending

So at 8 AM on a rainy Saturday morning, T. and I are off to our local Y to take advantage of their free for a year, one time only, membership offer.  T. wants to be able to work out with our son and his fiance who are members and I want to get a workout because I haven’t been dancing enough.  But that’s another story.   

Meanwhile, we pull up to the parking area with the full intention of having to wait in the rain because after all the FREE offer is too good to pass up.  Of course, we should have known better.   We are both after all in the retail sales business but still when we sat down at the table with the smiling-faced, eager awaiting volunteer, who actually works at the club,  we were quick to notice that the rule of TANSTAAFL always applies.  There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.  As it turns out, the free offer was for the “signing fee” not the yearly membership that was $52 a month which now that we were sitting down and in the process of signing up for was more than I wanted to spend but it was too late to back out and study the matter.  The volunteer was after all smiling, and T. and I did want to start working out again so . . .

I do have to wonder though what advice J.D. or Trent would have given to resolve this situation. 



  1. walkdreamwrite said

    Ouch. That does sound like an unpleasant suprise. I used to give away truly free events and computer classes at a library. I noticed that everybody was pretty excited at first but attendance was not as good as when we charged people.

    So the bright side: You have paid for it and you are more likely to come in to “get your money’s worth” Happy working out!

  2. rhbee said

    Yeah, I been thinking about this and it seems to me that the only way to make this YMCA deal work is by realizing in this case that more is less. The more I use the facility the cheaper it gets for me. $26 divided by X equals? A guest visit is worth $3 a visit so how many times would I have to go before the plus moves to my side? At my 9th visit it’s costing them $3 every time I go, right? So by my 19th visit I’ll be doubling my money. Wow, this may be a Stooz.

  3. […] got, maybe.  See I mentioned that the other Saturday, T. and I signed up at our local Y.  On the surface of it, after we got home, we both discovered that we had doubts about the  cost.  But now that I think […]

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