The Opinion of others . . .

wins the day in Iowa.  Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee make a fascinating pair.   One hopes they can stay true to the people they now appear to represent.  Meanwhile, amidst the rising food/fuel/insurance/entertainment costs of living that normally hold us in thrall, we can look at this coming election and enjoy each side for its achievements.  The Repugnants wanted Christian Conservatism and that’s what they got.  The Democants asked for  a chance to stand up for Liberal and Progressive beliefs and guess what, that’s what they got.  I actually like both of these guys though I still worry about the secret agendas or rather split agendas that both may have that filter their decisions through religious or racial screens. 

I think Huckabee is too Christian for my own good.  And by that I mean, he will make decisions for me for my own good whether I want him to or not, just like Bush has.  Huckabee is more intelligent in his speech but I see the same insane stubborn christianity behind his eyes. 

Obama has spoken of using whatever and whomever it takes to work on our common concerns.  Mention of Schwarzenegger in his cabinet, a definite time line for ending the war, and an agenda for meeting with our friends and enemies on the international front speaks to a mind that wants change and peace.


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  1. ellaella said

    Interesting take.

    I agree about Huckabee but also think he’s way too God-centric for his own good. His Christmas ad was still running yesterday here in NH, where evangelicals are not a huge part of the population.

    Obama has the only spot I’ve seen devoted solely to education and that resonates.

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