Myth or Knot. . .

She says, after slight pause, “I didn’t like the war stuff, the fighting, too loud, too much slamming things around.”  I  think “Wait, I thought that was what made it so much different and better than …” but I say, “You mean . . .?”

“Well, it was different than those Lord of the Rings movies, and the …”

“and the Daniel Potter films.”   I finish for her.  This all happens as we’re riding home from seeing the Golden Compass.  Neither of us have actually been able to make it through either of those other two film series but we have talked often about why this is, so we both can finish each other’s sentence on this subject.  The techies that control the film world these days are not good story tellers, they are however great game designers.  Boring.

On the other hand, going to the movies again after a long self-imposed hiatus, let me see how things have changed by staying the same.  Ticket prices were up.  And now, our favorite theater group, Ultra Star, has a new rewards card system to replace the old see 8 movies, get one free card.  NOW you have to see 8 movies to win the card and then you have see 40 movies at $8 a pop to win your free movie.  Wow, what a reward for someone.

This is another one of those things I was thinking about the other day.  Why, with the technology we now have, are the costs of tickets to movies still going up?   Popcorn inside the theater the other day, $5.25 for a small bag.  It must be true, the beast that makes up the movie going public, the one that goes to horror flicks, and chick flicks, and movies designed for kids, is voracious and at the same time curiously forgiving.  It will pay to watch video games made into movies, comic books made into movies, remakes, franchises, endless tedious trash paraded as the picture of the year.  While, the entertainers and the movie makers rake in the millions to keep the cycle turning.

“Lets watch Monk when we get home.” she says.


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