Stoozing . . .

I believe I’ve mentioned several times over the last few months a money-making technique my partner T. discovered during the process of running our small business.   Two years ago, with all our credit cards paid off and no bills in sight, T. received one of those continuous credit card offers we all get these days that offered her to borrow up to her credit limit of $27,000 for a full year at 0%.  She was already tiering her CDs so she knew immediately that here was an opportunity to make some money if she played her cards right (ha ha).  And off she went.  So far she’s used this strategy to fund construction work on our rentals, by borrowing it and then loaning it to our real estate business at a modest interest rate;  to money market and CD it, by shopping for the highest rates to fit the correct tier; and by loaning it again to our other business to fund construction of a concession stand and buy storage.

And now she’s discovered, thanks to a post from Gary at, that there is a whole Stoozing.comworld just waiting down the blogoshere hallway.  And she’s been in up and back down that hallway to yell at me “Come see this” ever since.  I tell her its just an appearance of our old friend Serendipity and try to go back to writing this.

Anyway, just a little looking at both sites, tells me that there is definitely a community of Stoozers with a forum, and stoozing calculators, and competitions for best Stoozer, and of course the ubiquitous 0% credit card offers.  (As soon as I saw the latter knew that T. and I needed to talk more about this venture.  Luckily, Gary’s Think-CreditCards site was an immediate help in this regard since it is actually a web site designed to link you up and help you out with a range of financial insight and information about the how and why of Stoozing the credit card market . . . 

In the article on business credit cards, for example, I was reminded about being wary of giving your personal SS# to back up the card amount.   The real Snoozer remembers to only accept an offer that is willing to use the company’s EIN since one of the side effects of this particular strategy that you are trying to achieve is that it will raise your company’s credit score while separating your personal finances from any possible calamity.  It is a nice point and the succinct way it was presented fit snugly into a neat less is more feel to the whole site.

See you tomorrow for more adventures with the Errant Stoozer.  Oh yeah, I meant to mention that this seems to be mainly an English phenomenon for now.



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