Post Getmas and all is well

This is a pivotal time here at the old beach house.  I’ve long been an Apple user but over the past four years I’ve gradually moved most of my computer using time into the blogosphere where strangely enough I have found less and less use for Apple’s supposed talents.  Though I am just modestly Luddite in my technocracy, I really find that I can’t stand the hoop jumping it takes to follow Apple’s new programming language and technological breakthroughitism.  I just want an operating system that works to allow me to use this computer tool to write and communicate via the internet.

So as of tomorrow it is goodbye Apple as I open up my new desktop, as built my computer geek of a son, and sail off into the future.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Nature has taken a hand in the immigration situation:  According to Wednesday’s LA Times, the U.S. is becoming less alluring to illegal migrants.  Though why the editor chose the term “illegal” over “undocumented” in her title I’m not sure, she does explain quite well that the housing industry’s decline is possibly the main reason why fewer undoc immigrants are able to find work here and thus why they are heading home and advising their countrymen and women to stay there too.  So it’s a win-win deal.  Less homes being built, monster homes especially, less immigration.  Ain’t Mother Nature grand? 

And finally in news from the front, Iraq, that is, is that the U.S. has unleashed the latest in technology to help fight the endless war there.  Robots, radio controlled, but lethal have begun patrolling the country-side.  At $250,000 a pop, they are quite the bargain in this trillion dollar enterprise.  And I love the acronym, SWORDS.

Ah well, happy holidays.


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  1. rhbee said

    Yes, it’s me commenting to myself about working on my new computer. I need to add ram since it’s working slow but the 19″ screen is great and the setup in our office feels comfortable. Otherwise, I am just test driving. Ta.

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