This is your brain on eggs

Everybody has heard about the dangers of cholesterol but still the drug warlords keep showing us these cheesy-attempts-to-arouse-our-fears commercials.  Meanwhile, real people with no axe to grind or fear that they want to arouse are coming more and more to the fore as the heat to change our current drug policy increases.  Witness this opinion in Saturday’s LA Times.  Diana Wagman, a professor at Cal State Long Beach is the author of several novels and is currently in recovery from cancer.  She explains quite interestingly her discovery of the commonality of marijuana usage among her social community as she deals with the ravages of radiation therapy.

On the other hand, just up the coast from there, this item caught my eye.  In Merced County, California a permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries will go into effect Jan. 17.  The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to pass this ordinance even though there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries in Merced County.

And that in a nutshell is the bizarre world in which we now live.  Medical need treated by a proven drug that’s only side effect appears to be the unreasonable fear it arouses in the populace. 


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