Credit card gambles

As I have chronicled in the past, my partner T. loves to play the credit card game of 0% interest offers.  She has such great credit that the companies just can’t keep themselves from offering her massive loan limits, $27,000, at 0% interest for 9 or even 15 months.  Actually, it is more likely that their computer setup reads her payment history (perfect) and her credit score (780) and automatically generates those cute little check offers so that she can take advantage of this great opportunity to go into debt.  T.,  on the other hand, doesn’t go into debt.  She takes the offer and parks the money in a CD at 5.2%, pays her monthly minimum, and collects the difference as another way to add to her income stream.  Last year, she made an additional $2500. 



  1. That’s a great technique! It’s often known as credit card ‘stoozing’ and if like T. you’re sensible and responsible with credit cards you can actually make a sizeable amount in profit! Keep it up!

  2. rhbee said

    Yeah, you’re right and it fits perfectly with her interest in gambling. But we have discovered two aspects that we have to cover. One, she has to track the monthly payments against her budget so as to not end up affecting her overall plan. Two, she needs to stay on top of the CD rates and decide which one (or ones) supply the best earnings. And next month when we go to our acccount guy we see how this plays against our other streams of income.

  3. rhbee said

    T. couldn’t wait to Google “stoozing” and immediately found a whole community who are using this finance technique. Mos t immediately useful was the stoozing calculator she found. You can see my post “Stoozers” at

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