So I signed up for an Amazon Credit Card offered by Chase Credit Card Services because I wanted to try out the idea of earning points.  In the first month, I earned 270 pts. at Amazon and 180 at other locations for a grand total of 450 pts.  My bill informed that it would take 2500 pts to earn a $25 Amazon gift card.  The actual dollar amount I spent to earn my 450 was $179.95.  All of the purchases were in my normal budget for the time period.   That is, I wasn’t just spending to spend.  I would have spent the cash anyway but I wanted to test the value of this offer.  The offer includes a 0% charge if the charges are paid by the billing date.

So I set aside the cash, and I paid the bill immediately.  Still, for $179 I received 450 in points.  In other words, to get my first reward of a $25 reward certificate, not cash, I would have to spend another $716.  Hmmm?  Do I need anything immediately?  No.  Can I be patient enough to spend regularly and monitor the repay cycle so as to avoid the 22.49% APR?  Probably.  Is this meticulous approach to spending, thinking about the purchase, setting aside the money, monitoring the cycle, and using the reward ($25 or more) appropriately, going to be worth my time and effort?  I think so.  At this point the key word is Patience. 

Some side effects:  I won’t hold up the line.  I don’t have to use my pocket cash.  I can pay via online banking.  I can monitor my expenses.  I can overspend very easily so being careful is even more important.  Especially since being able to buy things without caution has always been my down fall.



  1. Chase said

    Excellent blog, added to favorites!!

  2. Bob said

    Yes it is necessary to suffer only in such cases

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