Omega, man

Science fiction is a curious craft to be sailing in these days.  We are in our own future, right now, nanotech, genentech, abound.  So watching the current version of I Am Legend, resonates with the currency of the debate over gene research and the Religious Right’s insistence that such research goes against god’s plan.  I recall the effect on my thinking when I saw the Omega Man version of this story.  Charlton Heston as the ultimate American hero willing to die, like a Christ figure, for what he believed in, and of course to save the human race.  It was uplifting, and, as we saw Heston’s Robert Neville character crucified, so subtle as a reminder of our christian roots.

But that’s the thing folks.  We all aren’t Christians here in the human race though it is easy to see how our culture is rooted in it.  We all aren’t any one thing except human.   And even that comes into question when we read about the atrocious inhumanities that occur everyday everywhere between supposedly human counterparts.

So in the end, this current version of the same old story, though tautly told and acted, doesn’t provide us anything new in the way of answers, which is what I really expect when I get on board the ship, “What would happen if?” 


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