Just Don’t Say No, You Know?

So it turns out that reverse psyche is still the operative format by which we get things done.  No, to our brains, actually means yes.  And that’s why it is so damn hard to get things done.  We were told to just say no to drugs, yet all the indicators: size of the busts, wealth of the drug dealers, budget growth of the policing forces, number of drug related imprisonments, and the size of our fear of changing this policy; have grown.  Turns out that maybe we should have just been saying yes.

Or look at our misguided attempt to reform educational policy.  Ask yourself, are our school kids performing better since the implementation of No Child Left Behind?

What about our numerous dieting books, regimens, and advice columns that shout – Don’t eat this, don’t eat that?  Are they working well here in the land of the fat?

No is the big NO NO, you know?  So I say just say know.


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