Here’s a Good Bread for You

As you know, I have been working out and developing a long term eating plan that I call Drink Up.  One really full meal a day, and liquid supplements, water, or any other favorite drinks (coffee, iced tea, vitamin water, hot chocolate, etc.) the rest of the day.  As I moved along with the plan, I’ve also been paying attention to the Volumentrics (calories divided by grams) values and so have added soup and stews and steamed or fresh veggies  to the mix.  And today, thanks to fellow blogger, ellaella at From Scratch we can now make and eat our own bread from the recipe she sent along with the following thought.

Duh, I should have thought of this yesterday. I knew the 1st anniversary of the Bittman no-knead bread craze was approaching — I plan to do something with it — and when I checked the date it dawned on me how perfect this bread is for someone making yeast bread by hand (although kneading isn’t difficult).  It’s pretty much foolproof and ferments a long time, so it’s not a 3-hour bread. Here’s the link to the article and recipe:



  1. pearl said

    looks interesting, Im gonna try it some day! haven’t baked bread at home in eons 🙂

    I’m glad you moved to wordpress! commenting is so much fun on here!!

  2. rhbee said


    If you liked that bread recipe you’ll probably really enjoy ella’s From Scratch. You can click on the link in my blogroll to see for yourself.

  3. ellaella said

    Thank you for the mention and kind but I do wish you had asked first before posting private email — 5 weeks after the fact.

  4. rhbee said

    Sorry about that but I hoped that by including your thought readers might be encouraged to go to your blog for more great stuff about food and politics.

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