It’s that time of year I love to hate

Presents and people cloud my mind.   Thoughts of this last year combine.  Frugal this and fritter that.  Plans that worked and what’s left undone.  Life in the present or future fun. 

So here we are on the door of December and choices have to be made.  Each year it gets harder to decide what to do about the gift giving thing.  My personal past is replete with spending beyond my means and then covering the dismay I feel at being further in debt by remembering the effect that each gift had on the receiver.  I really do like to see other people happy.  Unfortunately, this personality trait has been and continues to be a major cause in keeping me from really being debt free.

However, I have to say that this last year my awareness of frugality has been a major help in getting ready for this season of gift giving.  For one thing, I don’t have any credit card debt and for another, I actually have set aside an emergency fund of sorts that (I know I shouldn’t think of Christmas as an emergency) I can now tap into to ease my way through.  T. and I also have talked over the situation too and come to the conclusion that waiting for the after sales is a good idea.  What I hope is that waiting will work like the count to ten rule and keep us from actually buying things we don’t need.

What is a complimenting factor is that she and I are spending more and more time working on and discussing all of the things that go into our life together.  So as stressful as this time can be, it is also a great time to recognize how life at least on a personal level is good. 

Now if we could just end this war and bring our troops home.


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