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As you probably don’t know, I also write another blog that has to do with dancing and as it happens since I am in that business there are times when what comes up there should also come up here.  That’s definitely the case with Kristin Lewis’ article in the December, 2007 issue of Dance Spirit Magazine.  Her article on page 92 is called Money Matters and in it she lists 19 ways to survive on a shoestring budget.  From pack your lunch to skip the fancy coffee to get a job with perks her advice rings true and accurately describes the real world of making a living especially when you are just starting out.  Her advice is targeted for the dancer who needs a second job to support them while they are working on becoming a success but that doesn’t mean it wont help us all.  Never charge basic living expenses to your credit card is one tip that really hits home with me.  One month of putting my gas purchase on a card can cost me a year of budgeting to try and pay it off.  Buy a Brita.  “3 months of bottled water – $93, 3 month Brita filter – $8.99, reusable water bottle – $2” also hits home since I still have the Aquifina habit going on.  And I really like #16, They don’t call it happy hour for nothing – look around your city, check out how many hotels and restaurants offer happy hour buffets where you can get a great meal at sometimes just the cost of a beverage.  Added benefit, you can bring your friends.



  1. Minimum Wage said

    Buy a reusable water bottle and use tap water.

  2. rhbee said

    We here in SoCal have no water supply (except the occasional rain storm) of our own. It’s mostly shipped in from the Colorado River and by the time we get it it tastes slightly sour and smells like a toilet bowl. So unless it’s boiled or filtered, aint no way you want to just drink it.

  3. Minimum Wage said

    I have a friend who does IT work for a large religious organization. He usually works (intensively) about three days a week and commutes three hours to Chicago. (They host him while he’s there, so he makes only one round trip per week.)

    Occasionally they fly him out to LA for longer stretches. He tells me he finds LA very depressing. I’ve never been there so I have no clue.

    How would you describe LA?

    Sorry to hear about the SoCal water. That’s definitely a bummer. Water is one of those things Americans take for granted until it’s scarce or has problems (taste, contaminants, etc).

  4. rhbee said

    LA sprawls out in front of you like some vast field of lights, spreads from the Pacific all the way east to San Berdoo, North past the San Fernando Valley and South to the OC. Once when we were driving through on the way to Santa Barbara, my son observed that sometimes spread out like that it made you just want to step on it. But on a clear day, and we have quite a few of them now that the fires are over for the year and the enviromnental standards have limited our smog alert days down to almost zero, it is so great to realize that in just a few minutes of driving time you can see that deep blue ocean in one direction and the snow-capped mountains in the other.

    Actually though, LA can be seen in one sense to be a series of little seaside towns backed by an urban city that stretches itself flat rather then up. But then just as you think that, you remember downtown and its skyscrapers that defy the earthquake gods. Listen to Randy Newman’s “We Love LA” and you’ll realize how most of us who live here feel about it. Be ready to see every nationality, every cultural possibilty, every level of artistic expression, and every opportunity you can imagine. That’s LA.

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