Carrying Out a Plan

If there is one thing I have learned as this blogging life has grown, it is that wanting to do something isn’t the same as doing it.  When I think about losing weight, I want to be thinner but, guess what, without following a plan that leads to changing my eating habit so that I eat less, I’ll still be wanting when I step on the scale.

But stepping on the scale is a part of my plan, so I had better get doing or get ready to be depressed.  Yes, you read it right.  I step on the scale first thing in the morning (right after I pee) to start the day and at night just before crawling under the covers with T.  I even do it in the middle of the day sometime.  Here’s the deal.  Quite a few people will tell you that losing weight is a mental process and that the scale can make that process harder because the progress you are looking for doesn’t always show up.  It becomes the reason to quit and go binge so that you’ll feel better.  But just like in everything else that is part of a plan, you really do need to monitor what is happening.  Check your weight, see how much looser your clothes are, and keep a chart on the way things change from week to week, month to month.  Remember you are creating a new habit and you want it to last a life time. 

Matter of fact you might even try this new service to keep yourself on track.  Yes, that’s right, get creative and have fun, and email yourself about the various elements of your plan of which you want to keep track.

Meanwhile, keeping track of money isn’t something either T. or I do naturally.  We both deal with lot of cash transactions daily and are used to paying as we go.  Our new saving’s plan is helping us with this.  As mentioned before, we are in it together and making some nice progress.  This week we reached $1400 in our account and we have started looking into where we want to put this first lump sum when it reaches $2000 by mid-December.  And no, it wont be going into Christmas presents unless we want to consider the reaching of the goal itself as a present.


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