A Funny Thing Happened

It has to do with trying to understand this coming election.  I want to believe that all the talk and all the apparent discovery through the debate/caucus process is going to yield someone that I can believe in to do the right things for this country.  Not just the right thing for some individuals but for the whole country.  But for that to happen the world as we know it has to change and that my friend doesn’t happen so easily.  The funny thing is that it does appear that we on the internet blog whirl are becoming the center of whatever it is that is going to happen, and that to me is really funny.  All my writing life I have been trying to reach the world and now because of the internet it is reaching out to me.

Meanwhile, this editorial  in the LA Times caught my attention.  In it an exiled (I can guess why) Iranian discusses and dissects the current government of Iran and its foreign/domestic policy as a double standard lie.  The thing is, that if you replace the country named Iran in the article with one named the current government of the US you may see some startling parallels in the practices of each.  I have to believe that people who think about the US and Iran and probably China too, have a really hard time seeing any real differences.

But the funniest thing that happened is that T and I sat down together and watched the Democratic Debate on CNN instead of the NBA game between Dallas and San Antonio.  I can only hope my friends don’t find out.  But that isn’t the only thing that makes me smile.  We really enjoyed listening to and watching the whole interaction though I have to say the most fun was listening to Kucinich and watching CNN try to amp up the animosity they hoped to find amongst Clinton, Obama and Edwards. 



  1. Minimum Wage said

    It’s not possible to do the right thing for the whole country without hosing some people.

  2. rhbee said

    As long as the hosed deserve it, I say it’s about time that that trickle down thing got reversed.

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