Planning and diets as Partners, pt.2

It has been a week of ups and downs.  Last Friday, as we were totally up our week’s expenses, T. told me she felt sick.  We spent the day nursing her at home but by midnight things were going south.  Next thing we knew, we were in the emergency ward at Scripps and she was taking a CT scan.  Lucky for us that our company has a health care plan.  Monday, her regular MD referred her to specialist and he put her on an immediate diet to prep for a colonoscopyon Wednesday.  Talk about your emergency funD.

Anyway, our plans in other regards have been moving along just fine.  We now have $1250 in our shared savings account and between us we have lost 33 lbs, 13 for her and 20 for me.  More importantly though, we both have expressed the feeling that the planning is turning into a habit.  Awareness of frivolous spending and cognizance of eating more than we need are becoming, in just the short month since we began, a comfortable habit.

And I am really liking the savings and the feeling of thin that comes when I rub her stomach.


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