More plan than diet for now

Just got back from a great little trip to LA where T. and I got to see the Clippers home opener.  We have sort of bonded around the team, T. and I.  And we got to see a little of the town, too.  I forgot how much there there is there.  We drove around and eventually found our Ramada Inn and then scouted out the Staples, got dinner, surveyed the new Nokia, Neal Young was playing, and the amazing number of new buildings that have come in to take up all the parking spaces.

We are actually signed up for 20 games this year spread throughout the season, and this one was a good start.  The team showed some poise by not losing it in the third quarter.   And some self confidence when they actually used defence and good shooting to get into Lawlor Land, past 100 first.

And I am proud to say our eating plans worked too.  Liquid meals for me, Jenny for T., then dinner together sharing a steak salad, cheese cake, with a dessert of nachos and cheese at the game.

Expenses were kept low relatively (about $400 for the day and a half trip) and with our current saving’s plan any additional extra-curricular stuff has to be matched anyway so our net worth will increase a little even as we kick out the jams so to speak.


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