A List

Diets are fun.  When you reach your hand down to your stomach and feel the thin, you can’t help but experience elation.

Savings grow exponentially they say.  T. and I seem to be having an exponential moment.  We are on the fourth week of our plan and have already gathered $845 at 3%.

Your Money or your life has begun discussing the art of living your life.  Trent brought up an example of two teachers to prove his point that being afraid of the consequences can have a deleterious effect on the work product or life quality.

Dance teaching is dance learning that I still have problems utilizing.

Poetry abounds in the beginning of the book by Martha Grimes that I am just starting.  It reminded me to revisit the idea of using my own poems to create short stories and essays.

Pat Ward’s death has come to me like an earthquake, shock and aftershock.  Pat was unique in that she took special effort to connect with my dance teaching and was really quite encouraging.  I had only known her about 8 months but had learned a great deal about her hopes and plans because of her own realization that life was turning out okay.  She actually reminded me of my friend, Clark, dead at 41, in her earnestness.  Damn.


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