Planning and diets as Partners

Both T. and I are growing more and more financially aware in what I consider a very intelligent fashion.  We usually take a morning walk together to start the day.   We talk about finance and our real estate business, and we discuss our ongoing investment strategies.  Lately, these discussions have morphed into discussions about what we eat and how we exercise and what are the things we’d like to do that we aren’t already doing.

She loves to learn, likes to talk.  I loves to learn and can be made to talk.  She likes discovering strategies.  I like what discovered strategies can tell us.  What’s fun about this is the way we are sharing things.

She started Jenny Craig in January and has lost 20 lbs and learned a heck of a lot of information about food and eating strategies (right up her alley) as she’s worked the program.  Meanwhile, I have designed a new diet which for now I am calling the Drink Up diet.  I started it 10 days ago and have lost 10 lbs.

Here’s the deal, though.  While she’s been on the Craig diet, and we have been working our investment strategy, buying more rental property and adding to our savings and stock portfolios, I have been blogging at places like the Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly and the Millionaire Mommy and learning to think about frugality and personal finance.

The more we walk and talk the more we find ourselves discovering new ways to be careful of our money and our bodies at the same time.  It is as though getting in shape one way is getting us in shape in many other ways.


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