Eating at home . . .

is becoming more and more attractive.  I just finished a great meal.  Home cooked pot roast with tomatoes, carrots, small red potatoes and a whole yellow onion, med. size, all of it salt and peppered to taste.  Took me about 15 minutes to assemble and then 5 great hours while the crock pot scented the house and I worked on the computer. 

I have been thinking about how I use time lately, and its costs and rewards.   The cost of this dish which provided six full meals over a four day period was $4.67 for the roast, $1.00 for the potatoes, $.79 for a can of whole tomatoes, $.50 worth of carrots, six cups of water, $.50 for the onion, and add the time it took to prepare, 15 min. at $20 an hour, that comes to $12.46 total or $2.07 a meal.  If I bought a comparable meal from the grocery store, three Healthy Choice Steam meals, $3.oo ea. the cost would be $9.00, plus tax, Three sandwiches, $11.25 plus tax and soup with each meal, $2.00 a cup, $12.00, that’s $32.25 plus tax.  Homecooking = A savings of $19.79.   Plus, by simply adding two slices of sourdough bread, mayo light, & Gulden’s yellow mustard, three of the meals became roast beef sandwichs and hot veggie soup.  All of the meals were large enough to actually feed two people if you added a salad. 

The best part for me was that the soup and the roast tasted better and better as they recooked.  I use a pot for that and simmer them the old fashion way on a stove top.  That way I get to stir and taste while it reheats and I read the new mystery novel by Dick Lochte called Croaked.

Now all I’d like to do is find out if it is possible to calculate the calories in these meals?


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