Plastic bags and their replacement

Sometimes, I have to wonder about my ability to think. A couple of months ago I was working on the idea of replacing plastic with reusable bags but found myself stymied by the cost factor. Plastic $.03, reusable $.90. No contest right? But last night T. and I were discussing the costs of something or other and it dawned on me that I had been missing the forest because I was looking at the tree. We use 40 cases of plastic bags a month at a cost of $600. Used and gone, I suddenly realized. Replaceable bags however will last years.



  1. Amy K said


    This post confuses me. What are you doing with all those plastic bags each month?

    I at first thought you meant grocery bags, but I don’t know of any grocery stores that charge for bags, other than Aldis.

    Sorry if this is explained in an older post, I haven’t made it through much of your archives yet.

  2. rhbee said

    We have a small fruit and vegetable stand that supplies bags to our customers so they can carry the product home. As the post points out, we use a lot. However, in a previous post when I was working through the math I forgot to finish out the equation hence this post was wriitten as I was hitting myself over the head for not thinking it all the way through the first time.

  3. Amy K said

    Ah! That explains it. Thank you for taking the time to clarify for me.

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