Sometimes you have to get serious

Personally, I have a real hard time getting serious.  I think it comes from my childhood and the fact that my parents both had a great sense  of the comical turn that events can take.  When I remember my Mom, it’s real easy to hear her laugh at the way the car always broke down when it was time for a vacation.  My Dad used to laugh at himself as he told us kids stories about growing up on the farm, like when his older brother named his mule after his wife – Mabel – so he could get his feelings out without hurting hers.  Or maybe it was my own experience with life, eating potatoes and trying to go to college and raise my own family at the same time.  I had to laugh at just how serious it all was.

Anyway, I’ve come to one of those times again.  My Partner T. and I have decided to open a shared savings account.   Seriously.  I don’t actually believe in the concept of sharing checking accounts.  It is hard enough to balance a check book of my own without having to acknowledge that someone else may have withdrawn the funds.   So we don’t share our personal checking.  But we do monitor our spending and share the information.  And now we have set up a saving account that has two unique features.  First, we have a goal for the savings.  When it reaches a target amount of $2,000 it gets transferred into a CD at the longest term highest rate.  Second, we are using it as a way to monitor our weekly personal expenses – stuff we buy that fits the doodad definition.  The way that works is simply this, we keep a register of the expenses, every Friday we total them up and discuss where feel we spent/wasted the most, and then we have to match the amount and put it into the savings account.  The good news is that we already have accumulated $320 in two weeks.   The bad news, for now, is that we also spent that amount.  I guess you could say we have a subordinate goal then – we hope to learn to waste less and to save more.  Wow!  maybe less is more.


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