Just a few words …

I mentioned yesterday about my puzzlement at the current unemployment stats.  But upon further consideration I realized I had been seeing my answer on tv ads for weeks.  All those tech training colleges are now fully up to speed and offering courses and certification in Law Enforcement.   Yes, that’s right.  No more IT, it’s all about being secure these days.  All along the 3,000 mile border line, at our airports, along our city streets; everywhere safe from the constant (we are reminded) threat of another 9/11 or worse.  Line up those SWAT teams, you just know it takes 50 cops with guns at the ready to subdue those dangerous so-called criminals.  I am surprised more high schools haven’t started offering courses.  Geez, I remember a day when we actually used to make fun of the para military types but of course that was before Blackwater, right?


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