Buy More?

If you haven’t subscribed to you are really missing an opportunity to get into the middle of some really great discussions.  Take for example this one that developed around the article The Conflicted Consumer written by Robert B. Reich and based on an excerpt from his new book, The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life

“The awkward truth is that most of us are two minds: As consumers and investors we want the great deals. As citizens we don’t like many of the social consequences that flow from them.”  is how he starts us off thinking about the incredible catch 22 in which we now find ourselves.  Caught between wanting to conserve what’s left of our planet and apparent success of our free market economy, we can only read in stunned apprehension as he delineates the problem by using Walmart (of all companies) as a prime example.  And then laugh.  Ha!  Walmart can’t stop being Walmart.   Can’t raise prices to raise wages because to do so would be to lose customers to the competitors who learned by example to emulate the Walmart plan.   Did any of you happen to see the new comedy adventure on NBC called Chuck?  Did you notice that he works for a store called BUY MORE?



  1. Good link. I used to read alternet every day a few years ago, but somehow fell out of the habit (burned out on Bush news, I guess). I enjoyed your recent commetns at The Simple Dollar, well written and reasoned.

  2. rhbee said

    I just began using it a little this summer but it and are certainly drawing my attention now. I really like the instant interactivity of both. You can discuss things right away. I also like the fact that all sides speak their piece. I wonder if there is a conservative site that serves a similar purpose?

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